Spring Fashion 2019 Inspiration/Mood Board

Sharing my inspiration/mood board for Spring Fashion 2019! Also, linking cute clothes/accessories I found on Cotton On! 🌼

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I Tried Blogilates’ #100abchallenge for 30 Days

For the first month of my wellness journey, I wanted to challenge myself to the #100abchallenge by Blogilates. Casey from Blogilates has been doing 30 day challenges for a while now, and I recently decided to try some out! Last summer, she released a 30 day squat challenge where you did 100 squats a day! It was brutal but I completed it! In January, she released a new challenge that involved the abs! I was like, is she reading my mind or does she know I ate too many tamales during the holidays? 🤔 Anyways… so the challenge was to do an ab exercise 100 times a day every day for 30 days. Here is the calendar I followed.

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Finding Your Own Personal Style

I’ve struggled for YEARS trying to find my own personal style. I always stuck to “trendy” fashion but then realized that didn’t really suit me. Finding your own personal style takes some trial and error, and a few steps, but here is how to do it.

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how to actually accomplish your goals in 2019

Are you currently looking back at your goals for 2018 and asking yourself, “what the hell happened?”. Here’s why you didn’t achieve those 2018 goals and how you can actually accomplish them in 2019.

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Vegan, Dairy-Free Hot Chocolate Recipe ☕️

I FINALLY FOUND A VEGAN, DAIRY-FREE HOT CHOCOLATE! ☕️ This tastes SO GOOD and is perfect for those who avoid dairy. Also, it’s only 2 ingredients 😁

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A Blogger’s Ultimate Wishlist

I made the ultimate list of things that EVERY blogger wants for Christmas. If you know someone who is a blogger they will LOVE any of these items as a gift GUARANTEED. If you’re a blogger and don’t know what to ask for, or you want to start a blog, these gifts are perfect for you 🎁📸

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#ootd: dark floral

Finally another ootd! I haven’t done this in a while and I missed it! I’ve been focusing on something more festive✨ for December. Can you believe it’s already the last day of November?! This month went by SO fast, and I know next month will go even faster! Ughh. On another note, I haven’t been dressing too cute lately because it’s been cold and it even rained here today! I love the rain, but the lights went out when I was home alone, so that wasn’t too fun. Anyways, this outfit includes jeans, a lacy top, and a long cardigan.

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makeup of the day: mauve

Happy Monday, everyone! Today I wanted to share a makeup look I did last week. I wanted something that was a brown/tan/mauve monotone look. I first did the look all matte and then added highlighter and gloss later to see which one I liked best. I actually ended up liking the matte look better but I will show you how I got both! I really want to get back into makeup (because I have a lot of it 😂), so I wanted to start off with something simple and clean. I linked everything I used and talk you through the process. Let’s get started!

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holiday gift guide: GIFTS UNDER $25

Happy Friday, everyone! Today I’m posting my last holiday gift guide! It’s all about stocking stuffers under $25! Most are actually under $10, YAY ☺️! These gifts are small enough to fit into stockings, and there’s something for anyone you are shopping for. Let’s talk about them individually!

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holiday gift guide: BEAUTY & MAKEUP


Happy Wednesday, everyone! This holiday guide is perfect for those obsessed with all things beauty & makeup! I know I am, so this post was so fun to make! These items are perfect for makeup lovers or even those starting out in makeup 💄 Let’s talk about them individually!

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holiday gift guide: fashion obsessed

giftguide1 (1).jpg

This is my first ever holiday gift guide and I am so excited to share with you all what I found! This guide is specifically for the FASHION OBSESSED, meaning it’s perfect for that person in your life who is into fashion! I love clothes and I’m obsessed with all these pieces I listed here! Let’s talk about each one individually!

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how to get ENERGY that lasts all day

Happy Monday, everyone! If that was too positive for you, then you probably hate Monday’s. You probably hate Monday’s because you’re tired and have no energy! Lately, I’ve been feeling this way so I wanted to share my tips and tricks on how I stay energized throughout my day! Hopefully, this will help you get through another Monday ⚡️

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BEST beauty products for DRY SKIN

Hi everyone! It’s finally starting to get cold(ish) where I live. (YAY😁). But this also means that the air is getting drier, therefore, my skin is getting dry ☹️ Luckily, over the years I have been testing multiple products to help with my dry skin and, in my opinion, I think I found some of the BEST beauty products for DRY SKIN.

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QUICK last minute halloween costumes

It’s almost Halloween 🎃 meaning we have nine more days to figure out what we’re going to be! Every year I usually dress up as someone dead with lots of blood or just wear a mask because I’m too lazy to think of something lol. This year I don’t think I’m going anywhere but I might dress up as something simple. I’m obsessed with Halloween and Halloween movies (cute & gory). I’ve been watching them literally all month! My favorite cute movies are Halloweentown and Hotel Transylvania. My favorite gory ones are The Shining and Halloween. This post was so fun to create and I hope you enjoy these QUICK & SIMPLE Halloween costumes! 💀

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how to stay motivated when you’re anxious and depressed

Lately I’ve been feeling unmotivated and uninspired to work hard and get work done. I understand how hard it can be to feel mentally drained and still have to get up and go out into the world. I’ve been dealing with depression for about seven years now and anxiety for five, so I know what it’s like to not want to work or get anything done because it physically feels impossible. I sometimes wake up and ask myself, “what’s the point?” and “why should I get out of bed today?”. It’s incredibly hard to be depressed and have anxiety because it’s a constant “who cares” mixed with “I have to do it or else I’ll never succeed in life”.  (read more).

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#ootd hot & cold

Happy Friday, everyone! Lately the weather outside has been a roller coaster to say the least. The morning is freezing, the afternoon is hot, and at night is freezing again! So, it’s a constant game of taking off and putting on my sweater. Good news though, I can still drink iced coffee without it being too cold! I thought this outfit was perfect for this strange Californian weather. There’s a thick flannel for warmth, shorts for the sun, crop top, and high top sneakers.   Continue reading “#ootd hot & cold”

15 things to do instead of looking at your phone when you wake up

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I have the worst habit of looking at my phone right when I wake up. It’s become just a normal thing to grab it and check social media in case I missed something important while I was sleeping. I find myself going through all my apps (Instagram, Twitter, emails..) and staying in bed for almost 45 minutes! I always think it’s such a waste of my time just laying there unconsciously looking at my phone. It’s probably not the best thing for my mental health/physical health either! This is a habit I hope to change soon, but I know it can be challenging. What else do people do instead of look at there phone when they wake up? Well, I thought of some other ideas to do instead of looking at my phone like a zombie in the morning.

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#ootd happy october

Happy October, everyone! 🎃 My favorite month has arrived and I feel very content about it. The weather is cooling down, scary movies are on every channel and I get to wear big, comfy sweaters!👻 So far, I’ve only decorated my house, but I plan to go to a pumpkin patch🎃, make pumpkin pie 🎃, and hopefully go somewhere spooky👻. I’m excited to say the least. For these adventures I definitely plan on wearing something comfortable but still cute. For this #ootd I’m wearing a thick, beige cropped sweater, a black denim skirt, and sneakers.

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self-care advice for a happier life

Self-care is something that is new to me because I’m used to pleasing others, not myself. It’s actually really hard to set time aside for myself and care for just me. I’ve been taught to care for others and that caring for only myself is selfish, but I’ve recently learned that sometimes being selfish is necessary. When it comes to a priority list, I’ve always been last on the list. It’s always been first school, boyfriend and family, work, then me. Why am I always last on the list? It didn’t make any sense, so I recently decided to change that. I am now first on the list, but that doesn’t mean I am selfish, it means most of the time my needs comes first, my wants come first, and my self care comes first. Here are ways I like to take care of myself, when it’s necessary.

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#ootd it’s finally cold


Hi everyone! This #ootd is called it’s finally cold because it’s finally getting cold here in California! (mostly at night, but still counts!). This means hot chocolate (dairy-free), candles, & cozy blankets! I’m really excited for the colder months, especially October 🎃

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How to turn a “bad” day into a good day

I hate when I wake up in a bad mood then feel as though my whole day is ruined. For example, one time I was making a smoothie in the morning and it ended up exploding all over the counter, floor and ceiling. UGH. Instead of letting that ruin my whole day I just laughed it off. There was even smoothie in my hair! I was like, “I thought this only happens in movies!”. I just cleaned up the mess and moved on with my day. I realized my reactions and responses to situations in life are controlled by me. Instead of reacting in a negative response, I learned that being more negative than positive is a lot of work! Here are things that I do to turn a “bad” day into a good day.

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#ootd summer to fall

Happy Friday, everyone! Welcome to my second #ootd on my blog!

For this outfit I wanted to create a transition outfit. It’s almost fall (yay!) where I live but it’s still SO hot! UGH. I felt like this is outfit is perfect for when it is cold in morning, hot in the afternoon, and cold again at night! The boots keep and denim jacket keep me warm but the dress keeps it breathable and comfortable!



This outfit is perfect for:

  • going shopping🛍
  • getting brunch🥗
  • chill date night💋
  • getting drinks🍻
  • meeting up with a friend👯

Outfit details (exact/similar pieces linked):

DRESS: Forever 21


PURSE: Forever 21

BOOTS: Dr. Martens

I hope you enjoyed this #ootd on this lovely Friday!☺️

Happy Fall/Autumn everyone!!🎃🍂🌻

Until next time,

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 7.41.19 PM

QOTD: what are your fall plans?🎃

instagram: @imerikamarie

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everything you NEED for Fall/Autumn

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This is my guide to a perfect fall/autumn season! These are all my must haves/essentials that I need for fall 🌻🍂🍁

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how i feel about the blogging community

I’ve been a “blogger” for only a few months now and I realized a few things about the community. First, everyone blends into each other. This isn’t a bad thing, people get inspiration from other bloggers and unconsciously replicate what they see. When looking for blogs to read I realized everyone’s blog looks almost similar to each others.

So, in my mind, I thought that’s how mine should be. The topics they are talking about, maybe I should be talking about. If I want to talk about lifestyle I should stick to certain topics. I shouldn’t be all over the place, and I should find a “niche”. I don’t have a niche. I don’t have a passion, right now. I want to talk about whatever comes to mind that I want to talk about. I shouldn’t feel obligated to make my blog look a certain way just because other bloggers look a certain way.

In order to get inspiration from other bloggers I decided to follow bloggers on instagram. That was a mistake. I didn’t realize until recently but every blogger actually looks the same! Thin, tall, tan, perfect makeup, perfect hair. I was like holy shit I do not look like that at all. I need to eat healthy, dress trendy, & grow 5 inches. lmao.

I think the reason I’m not growing an audience is because everyone is writing the same thing! “It’s been said and done”. And to be honest, I’m bored of it too. When I would try to read other bloggers content, I would just get half way through and stop reading.

I know that comes off as so rude, but I’m saying bloggers should write about unique things that are happening in their lives (including myself). For example, “Being unemployed after college”, “Dealing with Strict Parents”, “Making a Bad Day a Productive Day”. (don’t steal my ideas) Lol.

Sorry for blabbing on, my point is if you’re a blogger struggling to gain an audience, my best advice, for myself too, is to be authentically yourself. Stop looking up, “100 Best Original Blog Post Ideas”. Clearly they ain’t! Stop eating salads and açaí bowls if you want a fucking burger! Put that funky dress on you found at the thrift store!

This is also a letter to myself, so I’m not just talking shit about bloggers here. Don’t you want to read about how people aren’t aesthetic all the time? How we don’t wear makeup everyday? I’m ready for something new.

I’m excited for what’s to come. New content. My own ideas coming to life. Showing the real me.

I hope you will follow this change.


Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 7.41.19 PM

instagram: @imerikamarie

QOTD: what is something you would like to read about me?

fall fashion trends 2018

🎶do you remember? the 21’st night of September🎶 It’s finally going to be my favorite season! FALL! (or Autumn, whichever you call it). “One pumpkin spiced latte, please”. (even though I’ve actually never tried one…). Anywayysss… here are the top 7 fall fashion trends of 2018!🍃🍂🍁


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how to get rid of chapped lips FOR GOOD

All my life I had dry chapped lips, until I discovered these products that cured my chapped lips FOR GOOD! You won’t believe the simple, affordable products I use!

LIPSEDIT1 Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset


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outfit ideas for school

It’s back to school season! (I’m so sorry). But, at least you can look cute with these outfits ideas! Today I am sharing four outfits involving one pair of shoes! Before the school year started I bought one pair of shoes and styled them the whole year. It’s a smart way to save money but it can only be challenging, so here are my ideas on how to style four outfits with one pair of shoes!

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10 things I learned in college

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Happy Monday, everyone! Today I am sharing 10 things I learned in college. I recently graduated, it’s back to school season, so it’s a perfect time to share my experience! Let’s get into it.

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Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Yay! My first post for the Get Healthy With Me series! In this series of blog posts (every Friday) I recap what I ate for the week, exercises I did and a recap on how I feel mentally and physically. Let’s start with the food I ate for Week 1!🍎🌮

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how to get healthy RIGHT NOW

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetHappy Wednesday, everyone! Today is the start of my Get Healthy With Me series! These posts will share my journey towards becoming a healthier person physically and mentally. I will share meals I eat throughout the week, workouts I do, and a quick summary of how I am feeling mentally and physically. I’m calling this series Get Healthy With Me because I am inviting you all to join me in this journey.

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what to do in Kaua’i, Hawaii

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HELLO, everyone! I’m finally back from Kaua’i, Hawaii and I wanted to share with you the places I went to/ recommend checking out. First of all, Kauai is a chill, relaxed and peaceful paradise. I recommend this island if you’re looking for a relaxed, laid-back vacation. While on the island, I explored as much as I could so I wanted to share with you all what I did and the food I enjoyed.

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summer vacation outfits

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Hi, everyone! Happy Monday ☀️ Today I wanted to share some outfit ideas for your summer vacation! I put together four essential outfits that I always take with me on vacation. The Tourist, Poolside, Night Out, and Relaxin’ All Cool. I hope you enjoy!

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things I can’t travel without

travel things

Every year my family and I go on a week long vacation. We’ve been to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, Las Vegas, Nevada, Waikiki, Hawaii, and many more! We usually go to Palm Springs, California for the summer but this time we’re going to Kauai, Hawaii! I’ve traveled a bunch with my family so I wanted to share some of my essentials when traveling for vacation. Here is what to always bring on a trip!

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travel bucket list

This month I am traveling to Kauai, Hawaii and I’m so excited! I’ve only been to Hawaii once when I was younger and I fell in love! There’s plenty of greenery, ocean and fresh air. Since I’m traveling this month I wanted to do a full month of travel posts. I wanted to start off these posts with a travel bucket list because it gives me inspiration to work harder so I can actually travel to these amazing places! Also, it may give some you ideas on where to travel if you’re on the search for somewhere new to go! Here are my top 10 places where I would like to travel to in the future. Enjoy 🌎✈️

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